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Hey Patriots! I am Melissa Redpill The World!

I have been facilitating Bible studies for 35 years, and a full-time missionary for the last eight years. I woke up during the Feast of Trumpets 2016, just before President Trump was elected. As soon as I began finding out about the horrifying corruption and the “insurance laptop,” I knew what was happening was monumental! BIBLICAL!

I was compelled to research the book of Revelation, and discovered that the New World Order IS the Beast of Revelation! We have been lied to in 1,000 different ways. So I began to realize we are fighting the literal Battle of Armageddon. And we are NOT ESCAPING – we are exposing this evil cabal and will destroy them, and then have 1,000 years of peace on earth.

When “17” started posting, my first mission was to moderate the CBTS Reddit board. After that board was taken down, I started sharing what I learned about Revelation on the Freedom Force Battalion YouTube site.

Along with over 400 videos to date, I wrote down all my “revelations” in the book, “17 and 1,000 Years of Peace.” My goal is to help everyone come out of the “Scary End Times Deception.”


Humanity is being rescued!