End Times Truth


What we are all experiencing worldwide is not just another political event.  

As post 2937 says , “This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we, the people, reclaim control over our government. – POTUS ”

He’s not just talking about the U.S. Government, or any single nation’s government.  He means Reclaim Control Over the Governing of the World from the worldwide criminal mafia. This will transform the world for 1,000 years! Literally. Where do I get that? From the Bible is all…. This is the Great Awakening. We are fighting the New World Order in this epic Battle of Armageddon. Good versus Evil. We are embarking on 1,000 years of peace and health and wealth for all of humanity!

The Bible calls this the Millennial Kingdom of Christ as in- “His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

The Kingdom of Christ is when: • Christ assumes His authority as King on earth, • Christ removes those who have usurped His throne, • The “Good Guys” finally rule the earth with Him,  straightening out this whole mess the DS criminals have made! No matter what the enemy tries, there’s nothing he can do to stop this!

As “17” said from the beginning,
Big. Bigger! BIGGEST!!! This truly is the BIGGEST! That sounds Impossible!  Outrageous!  Too good to be true! But the Bible is chock-full of this promise. Sadly most “Bible scholars” don’t recognize it yet. Just like so-called “scholars” have missed what the LORD was doing from time immemorial!   Just like we have been under mass deception by “experts” for years!

You are welcome to simply believe what religious pundits, and political pundits, and media pundits, and every other pundit says, OR You are invited to join the white hats in the fight to take back our world, and have your eyes opened to what the LORD has promised over and over in His Word, and how He is fulfilling those promises in our Day!  You will be very glad you found this book.

Introducing the Book released 2-22-22! Here’s what the Minor Prophets were trying to tell us all along! That one day humanity would wake up and kick out the Cabal! Who knew?!

End Times & 1000 Years of Peace” (English & Spanish & German!)

Sample of Chapter 5, updated:

Sample of Chapter 10, updated:

The book is also available on Audiobook here https://freedomforce.live/product/17-and-1000-years-of-peace-audiobook/ Audio sample here: