“Unlike the past, invaders will not take their houses and confiscate their vineyards. For my people will LIVE AS LONG AS TREES, and my chosen ones will have time to enjoy their hard-won gains.” (Isaiah 65:22)

I am not a doctor… I’m just posting some of the things that have helped me to resolve some health issues, and I hope they help you too!

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Of course, the best Water Purifier in all the world, is the LORD Jesus! He is the only One who can truly cleanse us and purify us, and His well NEVER runs dry. So, if you’re thirsty, He says “Come to Me!”

I LOVE my Zero Water Filter. I am confident my water is pure and clean! So I’m not filling my body with who-knows-what! Check out the video on how to use the water tester! Here’s the one I use. https://amzn.to/47YnMCH

Zero Water Filter VIDEO here https://youtu.be/2mnOCKfBboU

Sprite De-Chlorinator

I make sure my showers/tubs have the Sprite Water filter to remove CHLORINE and other toxins! Chlorine soaks into your pores and is tough on your skin too! Cheap and easy! And I tested it with our pool kit! It works!

How to Make Pure Clean Ice!

De-TOX with S0dium Chl0rite and Chlorine Dioxide

READ CAREFULLY – Here is more information on the drops I use to purify drinking water and remove toxins in my body that were causing me terrible dizzy spells. I sip… not guzzle, through the day.

Sodium Chlorite is available as drops here and in bulk flakes here.

It is called sodium chl0rite, or Water Purifying Solution. I started with 2 drops and worked up to 8-10 drops in my purified 16 oz water. I don’t drink it with food. I wait to sip it about an hour after meals. I just sip, not guzzle, throughout the day. It has stopped my dizzy spells, and other ailments and pains, by removing toxins. From what I have read, I have a feeling this is very similar to Hydroxychloroquine. It is an amazing “therapy!”

Some websites recommend NOT to drink sodium chlorite (water purifying solution) in water alone, which is what I have done for 4 years. They recommend to only use the sodium chlorite activated with HCl or Citric acid. I believe they are recommending this because they want to help everyone receive the full benefit of MMS (sodium chlorite activated with HCl or Citric Acid). Clearly there is nothing harmful about taking sodium chlorite (water purifying solution) as a water purifier/detox alone.

More info is available on mmsinfo.org and mms-drops.com. The drops are also available on https://waterpureworld.com and https://kvlab.com and https://kvlab.com/chlorine-dioxide-products/chlorine-dioxide-kit-w-hcl-activator-NKP-H4 for the HCl activator kit and https://waterpureworld.com/WPS1 and https://kvlab.com and https://kvlab.com/chlorine-dioxide-products/sodium-chlorite-solution-25- for the water purifying solution alone.

Also available at https://kvlab.com/chlorine-dioxide-products/chlorine-dioxide-kit-w-hcl-activator-NKP-H4. And you can Sodium Chlorite flakes buy in bulk at https://www.stellarchemicalcorp.com/product-page/sodium-chlorite.


For infections like Staph and maladies like Lyme disease and cancer and diabetes, sodium chl0rite can be activated with HCl for use as a foot bath, an enema, or a douche. https://waterpureworld.com/WPSKAccuDropHCL Of course, I am not a doctor, but I am just giving my personal testimony of how it has helped me. I know others who have spent loads of money on pharmaceuticals, and have gotten worse!

More information on mmsinfo.org and mms-drops.com. Sadly all of the amazing testimonial videos on YT that I knew of have been removed. The cures are being released, whether Big Harma likes it or not! I found the testimonials on Bitchute!

MMS / Sodium Chlorite / Sodium DiOxide Testimonials on Bitchute

MMS Testimonials https://www.bitchute.com/video/6gTFSctYhdPl/

PS – Some people activate with Citric acid, but Citric acid will create citrates and many are allergic..citric is less CLO2 reaction. HCl is best and stomach acid is HCl. Best page on web https://freedomforcenews.com/clo2 No activation for oral dosing, activated will cause taste smell aversions. Oral activation is not needed. Citric acid is not recommended.

More information on https://clo2.tv/

To email questions, go to https://clo2.tv/contact-us


Join me on GET FIT WITH MELLY where I share tons of health and skincare tips! https://t.me/GetFitWithMelly


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I put about 3 tablespoons of aloe vera juice in my drink each day, and my systems now run like clock-work! LOVE IT!!


We had been praying for the answer to relieve her pain, and felt we should try Neural Therapy after hearing of others getting wonderful results! (Of course, Big Pharma and Medicare do NOT promote or cover this treatment, and it is VERY difficult to find.) Unfortunately, there are no Neural Therapy treatments available near where she lives.

My mother had multiple injuries over several years, which ultimately lead her to back surgery. At that point, her nerves where shot… literally. The nerves started sending unbearable pain signals down her right leg to the point where she could only stand for 5 minutes at a time. The only way she could cope with the pain was to take opioids 3 times a day! (Of course, the side effects are TERRIBLE! Potential of addiction. Constipation which causes toxin overload. Muddle-headedness causing difficulty making good decisions, and even depression. Loss of appetite. She lost 20 pounds in 6 months, and got down to 97 pounds!)

She was able to get prolotherapy treatments nearby, so she tried that. The treatments were painful, and they gave her no relief.

She decided, despite the pain, to drive 8 hours to our home in the Houston area for our Thanksgiving celebration. We had not planned to get any medical treatments, but on the day they were planning to leave, hope against hope, we decided to see if the Neural Therapist in Houston would see her and give her a treatment. Amazingly she had an opening and we raced over! (there are only a handful of Neural Therapists in the states.)

The best way I can describe the treatment is small injections of lidocaine targeting the nerves at the scar tissue trigger points. The treatments are intended to re-train the nerves to stop sending the unneeded pain signals. Think of your Wifi router sending a signal to a Wifi extender, to another Wifi extender… and so on… But this is a PAINFUL signal being sent from one scar tissue to another to another! Like an old-fashioned pinball machine torture chamber in your body!!

After the first neural therapy treatment, my mom stood up and her pain was already reduced from a 10 to a 5!! And she walked and walked and walked!!! (we couldn’t get her to sit still!) And she has already cut way back on her opioids… and will safely reduce until she is completely drug-free! We are so thankful the LORD directed us to Prescribing Life!

Website: https://www.PrescribingLife.com

Treatment Locations in the US https://www.prescribinglife.com/appointments

Email: Contact@PrescribingLife.com

Contact Phone: 713.352.8249

We are on our way to getting mom her life back! Millennial Kingdom of Health with all the true cure releases, Here We Come!

Also on https://www.bitchute.com/video/6D4bbTKrsf7J/ Cartoon explaining Neural Therapy
Here is an email from Darlene, one of our Freedom Force Battalion fighters. She is in TERRIBLE PAIN, but she has no funds for the treatment, and insurance/Medicare does not cover it (of course.) (BTW Good Samaritan and Medi-Share Co-ops do cover these treatments, from what I have heard.)

After reading Darlene’s email, I WILL NEVER COMPLAIN AGAIN.

In an effort to help as many as possible who need help, we created this Donation page. https://www.prescribinglife.com/donate If we all help a little, we can help a LOT! 🙂 melly

Hello. Melissa, you and Dr. Laura Roeser made me cry watching the fibromyalgia video. I feel like maybe there is some help out there for me. I’m 58 yrs old and feel I’m living in a 90 yr old woman’s body. I’m in severe pain everyday. I got hurt in 1999 , damaged my neck, had a c4,5,6 fusion surgery and have been disabled and suffering miserably all these years. Within in the last 6 months, I’ve dropped 15 lbs and now weigh 98 lbs. I’m in so much pain right now, I just don’t have much of an interest in food. The intergrative medicine doc I saw said I’m now suffering malnutrition and all my nerves are very angry to the point where I shake. I finally had a emg test this week which showed damage in the radial nerve down my arm and the peraformis muscle, sciatic nerve that is causing a lot of the additional pain I’m in. I’ve been on opioids for over 20 yrs. .My life seems like just a series on doc appt, tests and injections at the pain clinic. I’m not sure what caused this massive spike in pain in these last 6 months other than an additional fall on a tile floor 3 years ago and the stress maybe from my husband suffering a massive heart attack. (By the grace of God, He’s doing great right now. However, when the heart attack happened he was dead over 10 mins, head injury when he fell over, half his face was sliced open and cut off his ear when he fell into the machine he was working on, very little brain activity and on a ventilator. 2 heart surgeries later with 5 stents, he doing awesome but the additional trama was very hard on the fibromyalgia. Anyway, do to all this pain and having problems trying to get docs to understand how horrible this condition, nerve pain is horrible. I think sometimes the problem is, these doctors treat pain (try to) but they’ve actually never had this type of pain themselves so I don’t think the truly understand how badly I’m suffering, it has majorly changed my activity level to just about zero, I’m sure you can understand what I’m trying to explain because of what you saw your mother go through for all those years. I would love to have result ps lie your mom did, to live a pain free life. Sorry this is so long but I felt I wanted to tell you a little about me. Maybe Dr, Laura can help me too to regain my life, painfree, I tried to find the fundraiser page you put up but it was blurred I your video, so I just can’t seem to find that link, could you please help me! I would be so grateful. If you could please send me that link , I would very much appreciate it. Again, great video, so much hope there, Thank you for the information. I did fill out the road map form on Dr, Laura’s site. Also I wanted to say, I love the other video about our True President Donald Trump, I followed Q board the last couple years and have done a lot of research, I also love following, DR. Charlie Ward, Simone Parker’s, Nino Rodrigues, Mel K, Juan O Savin and Micheal Jaco. Now we’ve got Captain America (horn boy from captial hill ordeal dropping huge declassify news to us, so much to look forward to. I know Trump and General Flynn have got this, I can’t wait for all the new technology and the beautiful, hate free, wonderful life and existence for man kind that is coming. For all the evil doers to be in prison or worse and stop the abuse of women and children. So horrible. Well, . Keep up the great work Melissa of spreading that message of truth to wake the sleeping. Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Darlene,

I have heard wonderful results from family and friends who have tried this. Please be aware that the socialist medicine will likely NOT pay for this treatment… and they are ~$200/treatment. But Co-ops like Good Samaritan and Medi-Share do cover this treatment!! I believe this is the sign of the future health.. with NO PAIN!!