Deep State Crushed- Day of Unbridled Joy – Simchat Torah 9-30-21
AZ AG Brnovich requests evidence for investigation into election fraud
Jennifer Wright letter from AG Arizona office demanding evidence for investigation of election fraud
Kari Lake Candidate for Governor of AZ discusses election fraud – must Decertify Electors
Mike Lindell and Michael Flynn discuss the necessity of restoring election integrity… and correcting the fraudulent 2020 election Must never trust Media
NBA Star Bradley Bean asks questions about Vaxx
Steve Bannon discusses Continuing Resolution pushed by Congress to print trillions in new debt, without a Balanced Budget.
Seized assets from now 1604 pages.
Day of Atonement – Atoning for – Cleansing the Land
Biblical Festivals – Sukkot – Feast of Tabernacles – Shelters ends with Simchat Torah
Shelters are Succoths – Tabernacles, Booths Leviticus 23
Jacob (Israel) went to Succoth (Tabernacle, Shelter with the LORD) but Esau went to SEIR (carnal / demon land) Genesis 33
Edom (from Esau) judged – Isaiah 34