Legitimate Ruler? Windsor or Trump? Judah Queen Scota 4-23-22

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Stone of Destiny – Jacob’s Pillar – Jacob’s Pillow
Jacob saw Heaven when he laid his head on the stone. Genesis 28
Coronation site of Tea Tephi (Zarah line of Judah) and Heremon (Perez line of Judah) rejoining the 2 branches of Judah
Evildoers put an asherah pole at the coronation site.
England’s most prized possession was this coronation stone – Jacob’s pillar
During the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, Zedekiah became king of Judah. He eventually rebelled against Babylon. Babylon attacked Jerusalem. After two years under siege, Jerusalem was left with no food and the people were starving to death. Zedekiah escaped from captivity. He was later found, taken again into custody, and forced to watch his sons killed. The Babylonians then blinded him and put him in jail. They also burned down the Temple of the Lord. Any people still alive were taken captive and Jerusalem was left in ruins.



Micah 7
Zechariah 12
Zechariah 14