Prepare for the Storm – Assets are in Place 2-21-21

One of our Anons asked me to let you know how we are preparing. So here is my current list:

Minimum of 1 week supply of each:
Propane bottles (for grill & heaters)
Gas Cans for cars/generators etc
(Keep vehicles gassed up)
(Keep household propane tank filled)
(Wish we had natural gas, but that could fail too. Everything needs a backup plan)
CASH-in case ATM and Credit card machines don’t work.
Non-Perishable food
Water bottles
We are buying a huge tank to hold water for washing dishes and flushing toilets etc. We filled tubs before the storm started.

We have generators.. LIFE-SAVER!!
They run on either gas OR propane… ???? I love OPTIONS! Because you don’t know what supplies you can get access to in emergencies.
We had trouble starting one generator because the gas in it was old and gummed up. Should have put Sta-Bil in it.

We have hi-powered lights that we plugged into the generator.
And good space heaters. Good to have a few of these and several long extension cords. And working flashlights.

We have a gas stove and grill. LIFE-SAVERS!

We now have a backup hot water heater in case the tankless fails.

We made a bed by our fireplace, so make sure you have something you could sleep on for a week.

We had cell service the entire time. Next time we might not. So we need to make a plan on what we would do if we were separated and could not communicate. Like in the old days! Good to have phone numbers written down in case your phone fails. And backup battery chargers. I’m going to look for a solar charger.

We have vehicles, but if you take public transportation, know your options.

If you take medication, make sure to have plenty. I heard of people running out of oxygen tanks.
Keep backup diapers/wipes.
Make sure you have a good first aid kit handy.

If the water fails, we have THIS.
If the power fails, THIS is how we will cook. THIS is what we will drink.

Hope that helps!
Ask the Lord… He always guides us when we ask. He saved milllions in Tx and will see us through until we are Free!