GETTR! WHO Death Penalty! Georgia Taken Over! 666 Mark of the Beast 7-2-21

Melissa’s GETTR

President Trump’s Rumble
Try to Avoid Social Media Feeds- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you want to see what someone is say, it’s best to just go to their page, rather than the feed. They intentionally use the feed to cause division between us!
Revelation 13 – The Mark is the EVIL SACRIFICES AND CRIMES THEY COMMIT! THAT is how they were able to buy and sell and become rich and powerful… while we became slaves. 666 is their rallying cry to destroy humanity. Because they are 333.
The Lord will destroy those who have taken the mark of the beast. So it is certainly NOT a Covid vaccine or a chip implant. It is THEIR MARK of EVIL.. Not ours.