Martial Law – like Lincoln in 1863

LET’S SEND THIS TO OUR CONGRESSMAN on Twitter, Facebook, & Email! “I am disappointed you are not standing with President Trump to remove the 230 protection of Big Tech from the NDAA. We must have Freedom of speech and this bill silences us!! And you are not standing with Mo Brooks to get to the bottom of the election either! We are awake… And we are watching. We trust President Trump is fighting for us… Support HIM NOW!”
Fight for Trump Video!
Gen Flynn Retweeted
? MUST SHARE: The Immaculate Deception — The Navarro Report (12/16/20)

DNI Ratcliffe Confirmation of Election Interference – Chiiiiilala, Russia, & Iran
Melly’s Video on Daniel 2

What’s Next? Subpeonas, Congress, Kim Clement, Aquarius is Next! 12 17 20

Barr, Stars, & Whitehat Electors

Both Whitehat electors and Blackhat electors votes were cast in case the courts overturn the Blackhat electors votes, then the Whitehat electors will be in place for the vote in Congress.
Look who President Trump re-tweeted!

Safeguards 12-13-2020
Huge Cheer at End of Army Navy Football game. Their cheer was NOT about football.

Army Navy military roars as President Trump enters the stadium!

New Jersey Congressman asks for elected senators not to be seated.
#520 1-13-18
Revelation 19
Revelation 20

Chi-Lala Exposed – We are in the Chase Scene

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— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 8, 2020–Military-Is-The-Only-Way…:e

ZeroHedge story on Supreme Court accepting Texas’ Case and and
Corruption Detector
Cool Video by EyedropMedia

Threat by Cynthia Johnson

Dark to Light Sign Getting Closer!

Jupiter (Christ) is getting closer to destroying Saturn 9satan)!!! (12-7-20)
Psalm 37
Trump Retweets exposing Warnock. (Warlock) Pepe Gif

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MIL is the Only Way

Hold the Line!

Sid – “Fly’s Dig Soldiers”

for 34 Years!!
Don’t believe this criminal! He’s just faking!!!
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Where did she go with that thumb drive? Thief! Traitor!
Revelation 17:17

Winners! Claim your Christmas Present!

Another FREEDOM FORCE Group Fighting Back!

Link to Neural Therapy information and Prescribing Life website

Our Favorite General Speaks! 12-1-20

Help fund Sidney Powell –

Link to General’s Interview

Link to Thumb Drive Cheating

Matthew 24:38
Sign of the Son of Man

Truth Sets Us Free! 11-28-20

“Don’t talk to me that way. I’m the President of the United States” President Trump 31;00

Carpe Donktum MAGA Video

Carpe Donktum

LIARS CAUGHT – They have NOTHING to say except to shrug their shoulders. LOL!

Tippy Top!