Pain Free! Neural Therapy for Nerve Pain, Arthritis, Fibromylagia etc 2-4-21

How we found this Amazing Therapy!

My mother had multiple injuries over several years, which ultimately lead her to back surgery. At that point, her nerves where shot… literally. The nerves started sending unbearable pain signals down her right leg to the point where she could only stand for 5 minutes at a time. The only way she could cope with the pain was to take opioids 3 times a day! (Of course, the side effects are TERRIBLE! Potential of addiction. Constipation which causes toxin overload. Muddle-headedness causing difficulty making good decisions, and even depression. Loss of appetite. She lost 20 pounds in 6 months, and got down to 97 pounds!)

She decided, despite the pain, to drive 8 hours to our home in the Houston area for our Thanksgiving celebration. We had not planned to get any medical treatments, but on the day they were planning to leave, hope against hope, we decided to see if the Neural Therapist in Houston could see her and give her a treatment. Amazingly she had an opening and we raced over! (currently there are only 2 Neural Therapists in the states.)

The best way I can describe the treatment is small injections of lidocaine targeting the nerves at the scar tissue trigger points. The treatments are intended to re-train the nerves to stop sending the unneeded pain signals. Think of your Wifi router sending a signal to a Wifi extender, to another Wifi extender… and so on… But this is a PAINFUL signal being sent from one scar tissue to another to another! Like an old-fashioned pinball machine torture chamber in your body!!

After the first neural therapy treatment, my mom stood up and her pain was already reduced from a 10 to a 5!! And she walked and walked and walked!!! (we couldn’t get her to sit still!) And she has already cut way back on her opioids… and will safely reduce until she is completely drug-free! We are so thankful the LORD directed us to Prescribing Life!


Treatment Locations in the US

We are hoping to make treatments more easily available for everyone, and Dr. Laura is willing to travel to make that happen! Please fill out your location on this form, and let them know if you would like to be notified about local treatment options.


Contact Phone: 713.352.8249

We are on our way to getting mom her life back! Millennial Kingdom of Health with all the true cure releases, Here We Come!

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