Ezra Cohen Watnick Restorer & Adonijah Usurper of David’s Throne – This is Biblical!

Link to “Release the Kracken” comment by Sidney Powell https://parler.com/post/6837996f77e140a894e3117ccc31cd83



https://parler.com/post/ac1adeaffc9e43a2be8f5699e6c19bbe CISA we created to PREVENT Election Integrity. Not to protect it.

https://parler.com/post/6c955de70a364d4a9cd7e8352d9b9f9c The seizure of vote cheating servers in Germany.

Adonijah attempted to steal King David’s Throne from Solomon

Taking Dominion

Trump Video – “Embrace being an OUTSIDER”
Clip from https://drcharlieward.com/lt-gen-tom-mcinerney-mary-fanning-and-susan-price-join-charlie-ward-to-discuss-hammer-and-scorecard/


Delaware Valley Cremation Services

Revelation 11 (See also Revelation 14)

Thank You Vets 11-11-20

“We already called it…” That’s not how elections work, witch!
Americas Voice.new/ War Room link
Chanel Rion @OANN reported on the vooooting machines of TENNNNNNEO.
Biden’s plan for America. (OMG)

Patriots in Control


https://video.parler.com/qE/e7/qEe7H844aTxv.mp4 Link to Bannnnon/Power interview
Votes for Dollars
Trump Dance!

Revelation 13 https://classic.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=revelation+13&version=NLT

Caught In A Trap

Melissa Tweet re DHS

James O- USPS Story

Ready? Chiiiina-LaLa & Injunction

cand.uscourts.gov/zoom/ Zoom Link for Injunction hearing Monday 11/2 9am PST, 11am CST

Injunction Info https://twitter.com/Perpetualmaniac/status/1320773257461714944

Injunction Go Fund Me https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-big-tech-whistleblowers


Document re Biden Deals https://www.baldingsworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/KVBJHB.pdf

NOTES on Bannon Interview on China’s Global Strategy

Economic War for last 30 years – US “Elites” fought against US, de-industrialized America (NAFTA) sending industry to China. 2/3 China working or poor. Slave Labor.

President Trump reversed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

Stopped Force Technology Transfers, Stopped Component Parts to ZTE (etc), Sifius Reforms to limit investments, Tariffs, Now Covid (“I don’t feel the same toward China)

Stop China aggression in South China Sea – build up airstrips and military bases on islands, claim that international waters are their territory. US must push back.

Stop China aggression in Gulf, UAE, Sub Saharan Africa, Argentina

Stopped (47:00) Chinese in US (govt funded) labs – Must be US born citizen.

3 Types of Wars – Information. Economic. Kinetic.

China considers US a tributary state (we are Jamestown and they are Great Britain)

Bank of China, HNA RECKLESS – 45 Billion – FAKE – Insolvent Bankrupt due to Corruption

Similar to Crash of 2008 where Bankers had no loss… all loss was on backs of Americans.

Pope Francis having Atheists from Beijing pick Catholic Bishops!

Mile Kwak – CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is destroyed. Over.


NOTES from Bannon video:

No longer calling MSM Mainstream Media – they are the MOUTHPIECE OF THE GLOBALISTS

Chinese Spy Chiefs – Dong, He and Zhang – Job to buy political influence in DC, Wall Street, Corporations, Hollywood. Take control of the controllers

Fire Wray – FBI Director November 3

Bobulinksi – had “Q ” Clearance 20:44

EudoraGlobal.com – Website shut down so answer no questions til after the election

Trump – Speech on the Defense of the Nation State – Freedom – Power to People compared to CCP – Chinese Communist China owning Government, Land, and People.

1:06:00 Smoking gun in email -Zuck in business with CCP – to stop Social Media from getting out truth and get out the vote. # 1 weapon of CCP is SOCIAL MEDIA. BRAIN Institute- control our thoughts.

Kevin Kooney (?) – spilled truth on Biden – Influence Peddling.

BHR Marketing Slide – HNA Bank Won Zhe Zhon front operation by CCP intelligence – dropping money for influence.

Trump clip https://rumble.com/vavvdz-praying-medic-news-october-29-2020.html