What Happened on Freedom Day? 2-1-21 (posted 2-7-21)


Executive Order 13848 Foreign Interference in US Election https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/09/14/2018-20203/imposing-certain-sanctions-in-the-event-of-foreign-interference-in-a-united-states-election

Melissa’s Post of Nino Rodriguez on Telegram https://t.me/freedomforcebattalion/1288?single

Melissa’s Post of Nino Rodriguez on Telegram https://t.me/freedomforcebattalion/1288?single

Proof Video https://rumble.com/vdlhqb-must-see-mikes-bannnnned-video.html

The Art of War – Clues for 2/9/21 “Ha” No Plan 2-6-21






Mask video – how many is best?

Pain Free! Neural Therapy for Nerve Pain, Arthritis, Fibromylagia etc 2-4-21


How we found this Amazing Therapy!

My mother had multiple injuries over several years, which ultimately lead her to back surgery. At that point, her nerves where shot… literally. The nerves started sending unbearable pain signals down her right leg to the point where she could only stand for 5 minutes at a time. The only way she could cope with the pain was to take opioids 3 times a day! (Of course, the side effects are TERRIBLE! Potential of addiction. Constipation which causes toxin overload. Muddle-headedness causing difficulty making good decisions, and even depression. Loss of appetite. She lost 20 pounds in 6 months, and got down to 97 pounds!)

She decided, despite the pain, to drive 8 hours to our home in the Houston area for our Thanksgiving celebration. We had not planned to get any medical treatments, but on the day they were planning to leave, hope against hope, we decided to see if the Neural Therapist in Houston could see her and give her a treatment. Amazingly she had an opening and we raced over! (currently there are only 2 Neural Therapists in the states.)

The best way I can describe the treatment is small injections of lidocaine targeting the nerves at the scar tissue trigger points. The treatments are intended to re-train the nerves to stop sending the unneeded pain signals. Think of your Wifi router sending a signal to a Wifi extender, to another Wifi extender… and so on… But this is a PAINFUL signal being sent from one scar tissue to another to another! Like an old-fashioned pinball machine torture chamber in your body!!

After the first neural therapy treatment, my mom stood up and her pain was already reduced from a 10 to a 5!! And she walked and walked and walked!!! (we couldn’t get her to sit still!) And she has already cut way back on her opioids… and will safely reduce until she is completely drug-free! We are so thankful the LORD directed us to Prescribing Life!

Website: https://www.PrescribingLife.com

Treatment Locations in the US https://www.prescribinglife.com/ffb-road-map

We are hoping to make treatments more easily available for everyone, and Dr. Laura is willing to travel to make that happen! Please fill out your location on this form, and let them know if you would like to be notified about local treatment options.

Email: Contact@PrescribingLife.com

Contact Phone: 713.352.8249

We are on our way to getting mom her life back! Millennial Kingdom of Health with all the true cure releases, Here We Come!

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Rigged for Reds 2-3-21

Dancing in Burma with Pepe https://t.me/Qtah_17/666



Depository Trust Central Clearing https://www.dtcc.com/partners/directory (Charges fees on transactions, tracks, and holds until the hedge funds can trade first. )


https://t.me/freedomforcebattalion/1064 Newsmaaaxxxx Sell-Out trying to cancel Mike L

The GREAT Breakthrough Awakening




The Punisher
Interesting how John Durham makes his J look like an 8…. not easy to do! 🙂
Worldwide Alliance against Worldwide Crimes against humanity
When does a bird sing?
Senate is in a cage – surrounded by National Guard and Capitol Police

Until after the election and the Great Breakthrough Awakening!

Only 3% of Americans fought in the Revolutionary War

Gamestop to Gesara Gold! 1-29-21


Trump says system is RIGGED! https://t.me/freedomforcebattalion/917

Trump website https://45office.com/

Rising Show explains Gamestop https://t.me/freedomforcebattalion/911

Habakkuk 2 foretold the destruction of these Hedge Fund creeps!

Military Aircraft Call Signs masked https://t.me/freedomforcebattalion/914

Nat’l Guard and Capitol Police lined up on Maryland Dr outside Senate building https://t.me/freedomforcebattalion/936

US Dept of Defense Law of War Manual https://dod.defense.gov/Portals/1/Documents/law_war_manual15.pdf

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt Arrest ?

Clues to Save America! 1-27-21


Biden says 600 Million Vaccine doses enough for 300 Americans https://t.me/littllemel/1232



Flynn speaks re “Done in 30” https://rumble.com/vdao9j-ep.-2388b-the-decision-on-timing-was-left-to-trump-decision-was-made-messag.html

Pelosi “Prison Time won’t be long now…” https://t.me/freedomforcebattalion/825


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link re Mar a Lago SCIF https://t.me/freedomforcebattalion/833

Not Patriots

Link to criminals escorted to US Capitol https://t.me/freedomforcebattalion/844