CALM Before the Storm 1-19-21
Isaiah 43

Act of 1871 Ships off California coast

Department of Defense Law of War Manual

Insurrection? Posse Comitatus 1-17-21
Emergency Broadcast test at US Capitol (No Signed Insurrection Act)

Checkmate Inauguration – When Does a Bird Sing? DECLASS!

Razor Wire around Inauguration Area

Psalm 69
Psalm 109
What is occurring will be revealed.

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Hey Patriots! Today is the Day! They took President Trump’s Twitter down, along with General Flynn and Lyn Wood and Sidney Powell. At some point President Trump will make his announcement on the Emergency Broadcast System. Here we go!!

Looks like Parler and Gab are down… so feel free to chat here. Do not be afraid! This is our Day of Deliverance!

DC RALLY 1-6-21 Remember This Day! Emergency Alert; Police Escort Thugs; Where’s Your Faith?
19 Min mark is the White Vans escorted by Black SUVs and police

Stop the Steal!
Link to video

Flag Waving Good Times!
Jes & Melissa