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Hey Patriots! Today is the Day! They took President Trump’s Twitter down, along with General Flynn and Lyn Wood and Sidney Powell. At some point President Trump will make his announcement on the Emergency Broadcast System. Here we go!!

Looks like Parler and Gab are down… so feel free to chat here. Do not be afraid! This is our Day of Deliverance!

DC RALLY 1-6-21 Remember This Day! Emergency Alert; Police Escort Thugs; Where’s Your Faith?
19 Min mark is the White Vans escorted by Black SUVs and police

Stop the Steal!
Link to video

Flag Waving Good Times!
Jes & Melissa

The Great Epiphany! Meet at the DC Ellipse! (Bethlehem Star & Abraham star)

Contact Congressman – current list of those objecting to electors

video of January 6, 2021 meeting at Ellipse

To find the Freedom Force Battalion at the Ellipse on January 6 at 9am, look for these flags and Melly will be in the 11:11 sweatshirt with a Red Jacket. Bring your mittens!
The Israelites used flags to designate their positions around the Tabernacle in the wilderness.

Thanks Josh + 140 Congressmen! And all Fools for Christ’s Sake 1-2-21
Bannon speaking
Daniel 8
Medical Miracle – talking about it for many years to come.

12th Amendment; Enki; Strong Delusion; Power-Read the Bible

12th Amendment

Power Read the Bible

Isaiah 40

Wikileaks dump

Turley Military video Martial Law

Gesara Signals? 12-23-20 + Isaiah 41-66 12-26-20

Trump Christmas video

Isaiah 41

Isaiah 42

Isaiah 44

Isaiah 44
Isaiah 45
Isaiah 47
Isaiah 49
Isaiah 63
Isaiah 66
Isaiah 66

Martial Law – like Lincoln in 1863

LET’S SEND THIS TO OUR CONGRESSMAN on Twitter, Facebook, & Email! “I am disappointed you are not standing with President Trump to remove the 230 protection of Big Tech from the NDAA. We must have Freedom of speech and this bill silences us!! And you are not standing with Mo Brooks to get to the bottom of the election either! We are awake… And we are watching. We trust President Trump is fighting for us… Support HIM NOW!”
Fight for Trump Video!
Gen Flynn Retweeted
? MUST SHARE: The Immaculate Deception — The Navarro Report (12/16/20)

DNI Ratcliffe Confirmation of Election Interference – Chiiiiilala, Russia, & Iran
Melly’s Video on Daniel 2