NOTES from Bannon video:

No longer calling MSM Mainstream Media – they are the MOUTHPIECE OF THE GLOBALISTS

Chinese Spy Chiefs – Dong, He and Zhang – Job to buy political influence in DC, Wall Street, Corporations, Hollywood. Take control of the controllers

Fire Wray – FBI Director November 3

Bobulinksi – had “Q ” Clearance 20:44 – Website shut down so answer no questions til after the election

Trump – Speech on the Defense of the Nation State – Freedom – Power to People compared to CCP – Chinese Communist China owning Government, Land, and People.

1:06:00 Smoking gun in email -Zuck in business with CCP – to stop Social Media from getting out truth and get out the vote. # 1 weapon of CCP is SOCIAL MEDIA. BRAIN Institute- control our thoughts.

Kevin Kooney (?) – spilled truth on Biden – Influence Peddling.

BHR Marketing Slide – HNA Bank Won Zhe Zhon front operation by CCP intelligence – dropping money for influence.

Trump clip