Is 2021 Jubilee? Gesara Nesara? Daniel 9 Prophecy Decoded 4-2-21
Scavino’s posts 4-1-21 (Wheels down ready to land) What had to happen first? Think Cleaning.

Q said
“Think logically.
What has to happen first?
Think FBI and DOJ.
Think Cleaning.“

Before we could be set free, we had to stop the human sacrifices.

We had to take back control of our government by removing the corporate usurpers.

We had to stop the worldwide human trafficking lanes.

We had to legally cancel their fraudulent birth certificate ownership of humanity by placing humanity on land (Using their own Evergreen ship.)

We had to get back the air rights that had been stolen.

We had to get back the land rights.

We had to get back the water rights.

We had to bankrupt the Cabal corporate government going all the way to the top of the pyramid.

We had to dismantle everything they had enslaved us with over the past thousands of years.

Dan is pointing us to this Q post, because I think all of that has been done.

Passover cannot be overstated.

This is The Biblical moment when the world is set free.

It happened for our forefathers when the Israelites were set free from Egypt.

It happened spiritually for all of humanity when our Lord Jesus rose again from the dead.

And… Be still my heart… It appears it is happening now to free all of humanity spiritually, relationally, mentally, physically, financially, And every other imaginable way.

We are the blessed of the LORD to see this day and to fight alongside Him in this Great Battle of Armageddon.

Congratulations Patriots!

We will never forget what we have accomplished together. Our hard won victory will be sweet! 💖🙌🏼👍🏽

JUBILEE CHAPTER ADDED TO “End Times and 1000 Years of Peace” Book