From A to Q – Melly tells the history of Q & how This is Biblical! 4-23-21

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Joel 2 – This is the Q Army! Burning down every lie. Going in every window… via social media!
Isaiah 49 – This is one of the places in the Bible where the LORD promises to rescue us.
Isaiah 21 re the Fall of Babylon. See vs 3 – the Sign of the woman in labor as a sign of the Fall of Babylon.
The cabal thought this sign meant they were finally going to destroy humanity… but this sign it for OUR VICTORY! Not theirs!
Daniel 12
May 23 Jupiter in the Belly of Aquarius. ” He who believes in me, out of his belly will flow rivers of living water.”
Feast of Weeks – Leviticus 23 Count the Omer At the 50th Day is Pentecost Jubilee!
from Acts 2 – Infilling of the Holy Spirit in order to spread the Gospel . On the 1st Pentecost, God gave the 10 Commandments to save the people from destroying themselves. This year, Pentecost is May 23. 523.
Maybe 5/15/20 was pointing to 5/15/21 when the horror show will end! Hope so!