“End Times Major Clues from Minor Prophets” Audiobook

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“End Times – Major Clues from Minor Prophets” read by Melissa Redpill The World.




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I don’t think it’s a far stretch to say that most people who read
the Bible, don’t spend much time reading the Minor Prophets.
Minor Prophets, you say? Who are they?
My point exactly.
I think we figured those books were likely about some stale old
history of the Israelites, and had little or no practical bearing on
us now or on our future.
Many of us have spent our time mostly in the New Testament
learning about Jesus. Of course, learning about Jesus is wonderful. But those Minor Prophet books are there for a reason. And
now we are discovering why.
Would you believe that the Minor Prophets tell us about the New
World Order (NWO) cabal… and about the Great Awakening…
and how a Great Army (17) will rise up and defeat the NWO
enemy… and humanity will enter into wonderful days of health
and wealth and peace and joy?
Clear as a bell.
That’s what I’m going to decode for you in this book.
The premise of my Revelation decode book, End Times and 1000
Years of Peace, is that the LORD has awakened His chosen warriors, and we are right now in the epic Battle of Armageddon, fighting the battle of good versus evil. After we defeat the satanic New World Order cabal, we will enjoy 1,000 years of peace on earth. That truth is not just found in the book of the
Revelation. That wonderful truth is all throughout God’s Word.
And that truth is just exactly what we need to know to have the
courage and stamina to keep fighting until the war is over and
our enemies are gone!
You’re going to love getting Major Clues from Minor Prophets!
So let’s dive in!