I am not a doctor, but I believe the LORD has helped me understand how to regain our health… including our mental health! Please do your own research and consult your medical professional, and follow instructions carefully.

It seems that many times depression symptoms are related to nerves sending signals improperly. This is likely from toxins and from microwave signals we cannot escape! My dear friend tried therapies specifically to treat her nerves. These are the remedies she tried and so far she has had AMAZING RESULTS! The brain fog and depression have lifted! And there are NO Negative Side Effects!!

She has her life back… with items we can all get over the counter! Here are some of the therapies that have helped tremendously! (Some of the products on this page are part of an #Afflink that supports this channel at no cost to you.)


CBD Oil helps the nerves operate properly, which is at the root of much mental illness. CBD Oil has helped alleviate the depression ! She used high quality 1500 MG CBD Oil from this site.

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This article lists the many benefits of CBD… including mental illness. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/cbd-oil-benefits#more


Amazing lift in energy and mood with Serotonin .


Amino Acids have been largely neglected but play a huge role in nerve health!

These are the amino acids my friend used.


Pure Body Extra nano-sized Zeolite helps your body to get rid of the toxins that are causing us so many physical and mental difficulties. Check here for more details.


It is critical to live in a toxin-free environment to protect our mental health. Check these products at https://freedomforce.live/boycottcabal/ to detox your home!

Neural Therapy at PrescribingLife.com –

The nerves are treated so they are revitalized, especially after trauma and injury. See the PAIN FREE playlist on https://freedomforce.live/video-category/pain-free/


This might sound strange, but when you think about how our body is run on a NERVE system, it makes sense that vibration therapy https://amzn.to/3yEBn67 could have good results on the nervous system. My friend had been getting better and better with all the above therapies, but still had not had her menstrual cycle for a year. Within just a few days of using the vibration therapy, her cycle started! Might just be a coincidence, but she says vibration therapy really helps her. Hope it helps you or your loved one too!


The author of this Bipolar Disorder book had been hospitalized 4 times! But with natural remedies she is well and drug free!!! Click here for a preview.